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Hi Darling,

I’m Lenka

Lenka is the creator of the Extraordinary Growth Academy and Energetic Selling Method, author of the ‘ENERGETIC SELLING & MARKETING, international trainer of NLP, one of the leading coaches for women entrepreneurs in Europe, mom to three amazing boys and wife to one amazing husband.

Originally from Slovakia, at 19 she made her way to the UK and entered the hospitality industry making a name for herself as a powerful, award-winning leader and manager in the field. Lenka has continued the tradition of blazing trails ever since then.

Her work has led world-class women to find, connect and create impact with their soul, high-end clients because she understands the need for energy work coupled with strategy.  She is the only ABNLP certified trainer in the UK with a 100% certification score.

And her uncanny ability to spur women to action, with proven business strategies, mindset work and communication techniques, sets her clients up for their own magnificent levels of success.

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Every woman with desire CAN start and grow a business that feeds her soul and bank account in an equal measure.

Some choose baby steps. Others prefer FAST growth.

And then, there are some women who settle for nothing but

Extraordinary Growth

That could be you

Because? Anything else limits your soul.

You’re driven by GROWTH, EXPANSION and making a positive DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

Yes. You are totally ready to claim your “Fully Booked!” status, scale your business to multiple six & seven figures, make an extraordinary impact on the world. And your life with it.


This is about to become your new normal.

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Extraordinary Growth

extraordinary growth academy


Energetic Breakthrough Method

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Extraordinary Growth Academy

The NEXT STEP to get yourself fully booked and SCALE YOUR IMPACT TO MULTIPLE 6-FIGURES!

Extraordinary Growth Academy is the only coaching experience you need to turn your passion for making a difference into a 20K+ a month business that feeds your soul and bank account in an equal measure.

Energetic Breakthrough Method

Unlock the ultimate flow in your business, relationships and financial success!

An Energetic Breakthrough Experience and Certification Training for Powerful Coaches, Change Makers and Leaders ready to Unlock The Ultimate Flow and take their Life and Business to the Next Level!

Self-Study Courses

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My Extraordinary Clients

I tripled my multiple six-figure business in six months and went over £1,000,000

“Working with Lenka has been an incredible experience. I tripled my multiple-six-figure business and crossed the seven-figure mark.

Lenka guided me to make some crucial, sometimes uncomfortable, changes to spur my business growth. At the same time, we continually worked on my mindset and energy because that’s where it all starts.

Lenka marries business growth strategies with powerful mindset and energy work in a way I’ve never experienced before. What difference did this make for me, my business and the people I work with? A huge one, if you ask me!!”

Leigh Daniel

CEO, project positive change

I made £52K in 10 weeks, then £20k in a day DURING LOCKDOWN!

“Working with Lenka has been the biggest game changer for my business. She is by far the best coach I’ve ever worked with.

Before working with her I felt stuck, I was doing all the right things but not getting the results I wanted.

Since working with Lenka I’ve made back my investment several times over. For example, I closed £52k of sales in 10 weeks and I later had a £20k day. And I was able to do it with ease and without feeling like I’m hustling.

My business is thriving and we are now getting systems in place so that I can automate a lot of my work.

I highly recommend working with Lenka, she helps marry mindset and strategy really effectively and she is so supportive.”

Dina Behrman

PR Strategist & Publicist

I Quadrupled my Yearly Income with Ease.

“I’ve been working intensively with Lenka in her Mastermind and can highly recommend her from the bottom of my heart!

Lenka and her team are amazing and so caring! I did not expect to get such hands-on support, whenever needed, they were there.

The tools and techniques of Lenka and her team are amazing and they always have the best advice and tools, that I needed at that time!

I quadrupled my yearly income with ease and am ready to go further beyond with less work and the right energy. I could not thank Lenka more.”

Keum Eva Grießhammer

Love & Success Coach

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energetic selling & marketing book

If you’ve been struggling to create the results you’d like in your business, you may be focusing on conventional business strategies, but leaving out the most critical component.  YOUR ENERGY!

In ENERGETIC MARKETING & SELLING you will learn how to connect to the spiritual nature of your business and start to listen to your intuition. When you take a deeper, more energetic approach you can create extraordinary results in your business.

darling, watch me on youtube for a shot of inspiration. . .

There are over 150+ videos on there to help you achieve extraordinary growth in your business.
These videos are packed with content on topics such as: how to create money and prosperity consciousness, how to grow a Facebook group without advertising, where to find clients, how to overcome objections, how to increase your sales, my millionaire morning routine… the list goes on!

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