The Limitless Impact of an

Extrordinary Aligned  Life

with Lenka Lutonska

I had a naïve dream to change the world, I wanted to be free and follow my calling.

I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew that I wanted to work with people, and make a big impact in their lives. I wanted more than just a job; I wanted to make a difference!

I have been where you are.
I have done what you want to do – impact thousands of people with your gift and be generously paid for it.


And I’ve done it Twice.

I’ve built a 7 figure coaching business, working with incredible clients in over 30 countries and thousands of women across the world, supporting and empowering them with my world-class coaching skills. 

I know and understand the power of thought + powerful action. I know, without a doubt, that one needs the other, so with a healthy mix of energy work and a honed-in strategy, you will claim your “Fully Booked!” status and create a queue of your soul-aligned, high-end clients.

My decade of experience growing other women’s businesses, my honesty, my love and care for my clients and my unwillingness to settle for anything but the best with my no BS attitude, will expand your limitless potential and give you extraordinary growth, letting you create real IMPACT in the world.

Because THIS is how we create a big difference in our own lives and make a huge impact in the world. By allowing ourselves to BECOME our highest level, live at our highest level, and serve the world at our highest level

When you take such a brave leap, there is no room for failure! Grow your own successful business and become financially free.

No matter how crazy or impossible your dreams might seem, you can make them your reality.

Are you ready to be limitless and create an

Extraordinary Life?

Hi Darling,

I’m Lenka

Fire-filled and tactically trained business strategist and energetics queen; an NLP certified Master Coach and Trainer; a “super mom” (not my words, but I’ll happily take them) to three boys; wife to one wonderful husband; a slave to one bossy cat, and a very protective puppy.

No cooking skills in sight (but don’t worry – my kids eat a lot and often). So I compensate this with amazing skills that help women to come to their fullness and succeed in a business that feeds their soul and bank account in equal measure – big style. That’s fair, right?

Here’s where I tell you about me. Because, after all, this is my About Me page, so grab a cup of tea and read on…

10 years ago, I built a coaching business before it was the thing to do.

I started my business with nothing but big dream to change the world. I sold my house and a car to finance my studies in NLP and start personal development business. I succeeded, it reached 6-figures. It was phenomenal. I got a rush guiding the people I worked with to the success they’d longed for. (I’m pretty sure there’s a name for this addiction.)

Then, I made one gigantic mistake.

And then, I failed; “I lost my 6 figure business” is also part of my resume. 

I managed to lose everything in a matter of months.

My social media profiles were gone. My database was gone. My business was gone. And above all, my confidence was gone, gone, gone…

I muddled through the ashes, barely making ends meet. One day, I dropped my boys off at school and went to the ATM, only to find I had exactly £7.30 to my name. £7.30! There I was, an “accomplished” woman with years of business experience, having trained and coached hundreds of people (some of them at board level of global organizations). Yet I was totally wasting my talents and unable to afford a family dinner. I was deeply embarrassed and acutely aware that something had to change – right there and then.

So I changed in that moment. I COMMITTED. I refused the struggle to be ‘normal’ for one more day, and decided to claim my brilliance and do whatever it took to succeed.

And I did!

I connected to the source of all miracles, extraordinary growth and change, my spirituality. In 2015 I decided to take my business online.

It was a risky step as it meant closing down all streams of income, but it meant I could serve clients globally, it was a risk I was willing to take. It paid off massively! With the potent mix of business strategy and spirituality, it sky-rocketed.

Today, I have a beautiful and far bigger business than the one I lost – a business that guides many gifted women to that place of success working with their soul, high-end clients, creating extraordinary impact on the world, and changing their lives as a result. I’m one of the leading international business and mindset coaches for women coaches and change makers.

I have a full roaster of clients who I deeply love, and who, under my guidance, create extraordinary growth in their businesses. I thrive by helping other women to build extraordinary businesses with limitless potential. Many of my clients have scaled their businesses to six, multiple six or seven figures, going from 5K a year to 600K in two years; tripling their multiple six-figure businesses in 6 months; increasing their fees five fold and booking more clients then ever before

I Found my freedom and followed my calling.   

I moved my gorgeous family (three boys, one husband and a bossy cat) to a dream home, and I wake up every morning with a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment. 



Because nothing sets my soul on fire like my work.   

Just as your fire has kept you awake night after night.  I’m excited to meet the challenges that you face, because it’s another opportunity for you to see and learn just what you can become as you grow through them, as you discover who you REALLY are, and what you were meant to bring to this world, as you become a successful business woman in your own right.


This is your chance.


It’s your time to be


I would love to help you create extraordinary growth in your business by tweaking the way you apply yourself, integrating your personal energy in every aspect of your business, from market positioning, to building awareness to energetic selling and freedom.

It’s time for you to become a perfect match to the version of yourself that makes limitless impact, income and is fully alive.

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