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Lenka is the creator of the Extraordinary Growth Academy and Energetic Selling Method, author of the ‘ENERGETIC SELLING & MARKETING, international trainer of NLP, and one of the leading coaches for women entrepreneurs in Europe.

Lenka’s work has led world-class women to find, connect and create impact with their soul, high-end clients because she understands the need for energy work coupled with strategy.  She is the only ABNLP certified trainer in the UK with a 100% certification score.

Her uncanny ability to spur women to action, with proven business strategies, mindset work and communication techniques, sets her clients up for their own magnificent levels of success.

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6 Strategies For Success From An Immigrant Who Went From McDonald’s Employee To Six-Figure CEO

Lenka Lutonska is a leading NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer, mindset and business strategist. Based in the UK, she works with women entrepreneurs around the world to help them grow their businesses to multiple-six figures and beyond.

Former McDonald’s worker who left Slovakia for the UK with just £30 now makes up to £100K a month teaching CEOs to be confident – and insists ANYONE can retrain their brain for success

A woman who came to the UK from Slovakia as a teenager with £30 in her pocket now earns six figures a year teaching CEOs and high flying academics how to be more confident. 

Lenka Lutonska: “There is nothing pushy about closing a sale”

Most of us worry about being too salesy or pushy, but we most likely don’t have the ability to actually do so, otherwise we wouldn’t actually care enough about being salesy or pushy. I used to use it as an excuse not to sell. My advice would be to refocus how you come across in the process of selling to the client — focus on them and…

What Losing A Business Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

Nobody wants their story to include a “I lost a business” chapter. And yet, it’s a part of mine. Over the years, rather than hide and pretend it didn’t happen, I’ve come to embrace and appreciate it. Without that experience I wouldn’t be a success today.

Not that it was an easy thing to overcome. Far from it. Without going into too much detail…

Interview with business coach and author Lenka Lutonska

Lenka Lutonska, 39, is a business coach, author of Energetic Selling And Marketing, and mother of three.

Read how Lenka arrived in the UK from Slovakia aged 19 with just £30 in her pocket, and went from cleaning tables at a fast food restaurant to running a business that generates up to £300k a month.

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